Rethink the Modular, 14.-19.4.2015

Rethink the modular reexamines the modular vision. The project focuses on  relations we maintain with temporal sequences, spatial surroundings and other people. Seven internationally acclaimed architects and designers have joined forces with participants in seven USM masterclasses addressing this issue. Following the masterclasses workshop, the exhibition presents four perspectives on the topic: A. RHYTHM Modularity exists everywhere. Surfaces can be divided into grids, for instance, figures disposed regularly in space … Continue reading Rethink the Modular, 14.-19.4.2015

Gibst Du mir Steine, geb ich Dir Sand. 11.-17.6.2012

Performance Project Liste 17 The young art fair in Basel has not only been an international platform for young galleries since the 1990s, it also initiated a special programme of performances in 2005. If you think of body-related stage performances, interventions in everyday-life-situations or lecture performances in the work of many artists in the past … Continue reading Gibst Du mir Steine, geb ich Dir Sand. 11.-17.6.2012

A Grammar of the Third Person, 30.6.-16.7.2011

Grammatical structures provide different options for speaking about the third person. Featuring the  attributes of either a person or a thing, this rather undefined figure always establishes a distance to the first person of „me“. Between the positions of the first and the third person, the group show is setting up a space that relates … Continue reading A Grammar of the Third Person, 30.6.-16.7.2011

A Last Flare-Up of Heroism Before Decadence, 15.8.2009

Within the discussion on male role models in art, our emphasis will be now on theatrical and social roles of dandyism. Does the character of the Dandy still exist today? Swiss art historian Beat Wyss has doubted so for a while. In a society, in which consumption seems to be the only convention, the Dandy, … Continue reading A Last Flare-Up of Heroism Before Decadence, 15.8.2009

The Eternal Flame, 10.8.-5.10.2008

“Eternity” is one of those words we use without really having a concept of what they refer to. As an existential experience of our life-time and a metaphysical idea of something “beyond time”, our relationship with time is a philosophical evergreen. The Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle always assumed that matter existed eternally when discussing … Continue reading The Eternal Flame, 10.8.-5.10.2008

Role Model, 3.-23.3.2007

The John Institute (Jean Claude Freymond-Guth, Burkhard Meltzer, Michael Hiltbrunner (2007-2009) has organised contemporary art exhibitions, performances, concerts, screenings and discussions at various venues from 2007-2012. The idea of an institute that cannot be found at a permanent adress, but rather forms new shapes with each appearence in public, originated from a debate on masculinities between the … Continue reading Role Model, 3.-23.3.2007

Modification, 23.2.- 8.4.2007

Anyone who has visited an exhibition space between shows will know that it resembles a construction site, seething with activity as traces of the previous exhibition are removed to make way for a new setup. Such spaces are constantly being reorganized to accommodate a variety of artistic practices, curatorial aims, and architectural givens. Rearrangement takes … Continue reading Modification, 23.2.- 8.4.2007