Design Exhibited

Exhibiting design is no longer exceptional. A notion of design that extends to include exhibition scenarios has in fact come to determine the discussion surrounding current product or graphic design, and influence ways of viewing contemporary art. This special issue of the online journal brings together perspectives from curating, design, art and theory.   … Continue reading Design Exhibited

Its not a Garden Table

Art and Design in the Expanded Field Artists, designers, and theorists discuss the consequences of design as a self-referential practice, and the aesthetics of life-world in the art context with a special focus on furniture. The publication proposes three approaches to the expanded definition of design today and its relation to the art context: I. … Continue reading Its not a Garden Table

Realization of Art

Published in: Sabine Schaschl (ed.), Thinking Outside the Box, The Museum Haus Konstruktiv Collection (1986–2016) and Guest Interventions, Berlin 2016 At the 11th Triennale di Milano (1957), a rhythmic sequence of vertical stripes becomes the focal point of the Swiss exhibition and appeals strongly to the public. Richard Paul Lohse’s mural 3 gleiche Themen in 5 … Continue reading Realization of Art

Design as Self-Criticism of Art

Published in: Huber, Meltzer, Munder, von Oppeln (eds.), It`s not a Garden Table – Art and Design in the Expanded Field, JRP-Ringier, Zürich 2011 Good Design vs. Minimal Art Ever since industrial design emerged as a discipline in the nineteenth century, artistic engagement with its aesthetic has provoked heated debate over dividing lines and common ground. … Continue reading Design as Self-Criticism of Art