Palace, 2.-10.2.2008

Masculinity is often been expressed or even celebrated in moments of performances. Thus not consistent role models were shown in the very moment of a presentation, but rather particular fragments. They have to be constantly reconfigured during the act oft perfomance and therefore appear fragile in their definition. Also the conditions of execution and/or recording … Continue reading Palace, 2.-10.2.2008

Role Model, 3.-23.3.2007

The John Institute (Jean Claude Freymond-Guth, Burkhard Meltzer, Michael Hiltbrunner (2007-2009) has organised contemporary art exhibitions, performances, concerts, screenings and discussions at various venues from 2007-2012. The idea of an institute that cannot be found at a permanent adress, but rather forms new shapes with each appearence in public, originated from a debate on masculinities between the … Continue reading Role Model, 3.-23.3.2007