Impossible Weapons

Erschienen in: Ana Roldan, Edizioni Periferia, Luzern 2009. Two sticks are propped against a wall. They lean towards each other at eye level. The ends are tapered forming pointed arrows; there is a grip in the middle. Despite these features, it is hard to see the objects as being particularly dangerous since their wood tips are much … Continue reading Impossible Weapons

Christian Jankowski

Published in: frieze 120, London 2008. In huge, bright-red letters the upside-down writing on the wall of Kunstmuseum Stuttgart promised comedy on a truly grand scale: Christian Jankowski’s first major survey show in Germany. Since the artist went hunting for food in a supermarket with a bow and arrow (The Hunt, 1992), he has, with increasing … Continue reading Christian Jankowski

The last Frontier

Published in: Shifting Identities, Kunsthaus Zürich (ed.), Zürich 2008. I might almost have walked past a freestanding wall corner placed in the middle of the exhibition hall without paying any attention to it, had it not been for the inconspicuous indication of the label that records it as a work of art-Gregory and Cyril Chapuisat, Intra Muros. The experience-based work of the … Continue reading The last Frontier

The End of the Gesamtkunstwerk

Published in: Parkett 82, Zürich/New York 2008. Susan Philipsz` sound pieces in space Every ten years the German city of Münster hosts the Sculpture Projects Münster, presenting a broad spectrum of new artistic initiatives.[1] The park bordering on Lake Aa is one of the contributors’ preferred locations. As you stroll along the shore past structures that house … Continue reading The End of the Gesamtkunstwerk