Miriam Cahn

Kunstmuseum Bern, February 22–June 16. Published in: critics picks, artforum.com, June 4, 2019. Until the early 1990s, Swiss artist Miriam Cahn primarily drafted large-format charcoal-and-chalk drawings on paper. They were often influenced by her political involvement with the antinuclear and women’s movements, and, sometimes, she made them with her eyes closed. Her subject matter from … Continue reading Miriam Cahn

The Brotherhood of the New Blockheads

Kunsthalle Zurich, Limmatstrasse 270, February 16–May 26. Published in: critics picks, artforum.com, April 7, 2019. A vast array of drawings, photographs, videos, restaged installations, and artifacts by the Brotherhood of the New Blockheads—a Russian performance collective active mainly in and around Saint Petersburg in the mid-1990s—is presented in this archival exhibition. From 1996 to 2002, … Continue reading The Brotherhood of the New Blockheads


Kunsthalle Bern, Helvetiaplatz 1, September 22–December 2, 2018. Published in: critics picks, artforum.com, November 20, 2018. “Independence” is a loaded exhibition title. It evokes a certain kind of gallerygoer’s cliché fantasy of art and artists, and it immediately raises the question: Independence from what? With its nondisclosure of the participating artist’s name, this show’s title … Continue reading Independence

Design and Negativity

Published in: form Design Magazine, No. 280, 2018. Design is principally a positive proposition, I was recently informed at a design school. So taken aback was I by the matter-of-factness of this blithe pronouncement, which came in the context of a conference talk on the fundamental premises of aesthetics and design, that I decided to … Continue reading Design and Negativity

Rethinking the Modular

Adaptable Systems in Architecture and Design The modular did not have to be invented: it can be found everywhere. We divide surfaces into grids, spaces into parts, and time into rhythmic units. Modular structures are also increasingly being recognized as a way of communicating, where the aim is not to construct a universal principle but … Continue reading Rethinking the Modular

Design Exhibited

Exhibiting design is no longer exceptional. A notion of design that extends to include exhibition scenarios has in fact come to determine the discussion surrounding current product or graphic design, and influence ways of viewing contemporary art. This special issue of the online journal oncurating.org brings together perspectives from curating, design, art and theory.   … Continue reading Design Exhibited

Its not a Garden Table

Art and Design in the Expanded Field Artists, designers, and theorists discuss the consequences of design as a self-referential practice, and the aesthetics of life-world in the art context with a special focus on furniture. The publication proposes three approaches to the expanded definition of design today and its relation to the art context: I. … Continue reading Its not a Garden Table


Anyone who has visited an exhibition space between shows will know that it resembles a construction site, seething with activity as traces of the previous exhibition are removed to make way for a new setup. Such spaces are constantly being reorganized to accommodate a variety of artistic practices, curatorial aims, and architectural givens. Rearrangement takes … Continue reading Modification