Living and Working: On the Normalization of Artistic Work

Published in: Painters & Sculptors Building Cooperative Wuhrstrasse 8/10 Zurich (ed.), Working and Living, Zürich: Scheidegger & Spiess 2021, pp. 152–169. Artists live and work. This sentence with corresponding place name introduces the short text that accompanies practically every exhibition, media release, or grant application. The information inevitably provokes geographical and cultural allocations: known or … Continue reading Living and Working: On the Normalization of Artistic Work

Life on display

Design in discourses of art after the avant-gardes Many contemporary works of art are related to design or are even primarily made of material that we know from design. And this has not just been a recent development – rather, design’s presence within the art context can be observed since the discipline`s emergence at the … Continue reading Life on display

Florence Jung

Helmhaus Zürich, February 14-April 5, 2020. Published in: critics picks,, March 17, 2020. While sitting in a tramcar on my way to the exhibition venue, I noticed a curious ad for Florence Jung’s solo exhibition: “If there is one name you never utter, call 0775050362.” The intrigue continued inside the Helmhaus, which offered further … Continue reading Florence Jung

Miriam Cahn

Kunstmuseum Bern, February 22–June 16. Published in: critics picks,, June 4, 2019. Until the early 1990s, Swiss artist Miriam Cahn primarily drafted large-format charcoal-and-chalk drawings on paper. They were often influenced by her political involvement with the antinuclear and women’s movements, and, sometimes, she made them with her eyes closed. Her subject matter from … Continue reading Miriam Cahn